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Notes on the proof on shotguns & other small arms Notes on the proof on shotguns & other small arms

Дата добавления: 08/19/2015
Дата изменения: 08/19/2015
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Proof is the compulsory and statutory testing of every new shotgun or other small arm before sale to ensure so far as is practicable, its safety in the hands of the user. Reproof is the similar testing of a small arm which bas previously been proved. Both necessarily involve the firing through the barrel of a considerably heavier load than is customary in the shooting field, thereby setting up pressure and stress on barrel and action much in excess of the pressure generated by standard load cartridges. Such pressure should and is intended to, disclose weakness in guns, whether new or used, for it is preferable that weakness be found at a Proof House rather than in the field, where personal injury may result.

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